A Salute to the Muffin Tin Part 1

This week’s post is something new. It’s not a chronicle of this week’s crockpot magic, but instead its a 2 part salute to another amazing piece of cookery: the muffin tin. Do you catch the part about this being a 2 parter? Get ready.

I feel like the muffin tin is underutilized in general…the name alone sort of hinders it from really reaching its true potential in my opinion. They can do so much more than muffins. As you are about to find out! They are also excellent at making cupcakes! Now, I understand that this isn’t much of a stretch from the norm (you’ll get more of that from part 2) but for most people its a major use for this item.

Cupcakes are the best. You can be as creative or conventional as you want, and whose day isn’t a little better after eating one? As it happens, my friend had a birthday today (Happy Birthday Schmidt!). What better way to celebrate than to make some super fun cupcakes. FYI the main point of this adventure in cupcakery isn’t the recipe (I totally used a box) but the execution.

Now, if you’re going “box” cupcakes you can do no better than funfetti. The recipe allows you to take funfetti to a whole new level by making them….wait for it….TIE DYE. Here’s how to make some cool tie dye cupcakes of your own.


First you want to prepare the cupcakes per box instructions. Then you want to portion out the batter into individual bowls (the number of bowls is equal to however many colors you want). Then you want to add food coloring to each batter bowl and mix until you get the color you want.


Then you want to spoon different colors into the cupcake liners. You can pick and choose which colors you want per cupcake. Just glob it in there and the messier/more carefree you are the cooler your tie dye will come out. No need to swirl them.


See how cool they look when they’re done!


Its really cool when you take a bite and see all the different color combos.

They are a tasty and fun way to enjoy a favorite treat. I guarantee everyone will love them!

Stay tuned for Part 2!


2 thoughts on “A Salute to the Muffin Tin Part 1

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