Things I Love: Celebrating Birthdays

Lately, I’ve found that I’m super into birthdays….not my own birthday really, but helping others celebrate theirs. I don’t really know why that is, but I’m ok with it. So when party plans for my friend Dana’s birthday started taking shape I got got really pumped. My other friend C and her roommate J have a special talent for party throwing, so I figured the best way for me to contribute to the festivities was to make the cake. Plus, I the only thing better than baking is baking for an occasion 🙂

So I tried to sneak some cake preferences out of Dana but I’m just not smooth like that. My go to line is: “So if on you’re birthday your mom told you she got your favorite cake, what kind of cake is she talking about?”–I know, I know…reallllll smooth. Turns out Dana’s mom would be referring to a vanilla cake with rainbow chip icing. NOTE: I said rainbow chip NOT funfetti. There is a difference.

The best news came a few days later when Dana told me that her favorite color is…wait for it…RAINBOW. BOOM. Best.News.Ever. You guys may remember my previous post about tie dye cupcakes. I decided that I absolutely needed to make a tie dye layer cake with rainbow chip icing.

My brain wasn’t ready to stop at just rainbow cake. It was Dana’s birthday after all, I could do more. I decided that I needed to add rainbow sprinkles to the sides. I have no idea how to go about doing that so I YouTube tutorialed it (do it) and leaned how. Turns out its actually a really doable thing. You kind of just throw the sprinkles at the sides. It makes a complete mess but its really fun.

While I was learning how to do the sprinkle thing I saw a cool video on how to make this funky tie dye frosting too! Which made for a cool edge to the cake. A while back I bought this cool frosting pump/cake decorator thing from the Target Dollar Spot, so in my mind I had everything I needed to complete this cake. So I used my cool new frosting technique and set it all up in the pump and then FAIL. The thing EXPLODES and covers my hands with purple frosting. I totally froze…there was just frosting all over me. Luckily I had a friend with me who could 1. take a commemorative photo and 2. hand me a zip lock bag so I could make my own pastry bag and finish the cake. The end result was pretty cool though.

Everyone at the party loved the cake. Another of Dana’s friend’s brought that CRAZY candle that starts off like a big sparkler and then upfolds into this lily type flower covered in birthday candles. It was really cool (and at first really startling) the watch.

All in all, everyone had a blast at the party. We ate some rainbow cake, drank some Smash Juice, played a little tambourine, and danced the night away! Kudos to C and J for throwing an epic bash 🙂


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