Sunday Crockpoting

So last week, as a result of a few too many Sunday Funday shenanigans, I didn’t go grocery shopping. Which means that my crockpot stayed in its home on top of my fridge. womp womp. But this week I was determined to cook something (also a week of buying lunch REALLY adds up and I’m simply not prepared to do that for another week lol).

The thing is, I always WANT to cook things…but I get really indecisive about what I want to cook. So before I hit up the Price Choppers (thanks J) I had to ask the wizards at Google what I should make. I start by searching for healthy crockpot recipes and then surf the interweb for things that sound good. This is when I get real indecisive. Some recipes sound good but I just don’t ‘feel like’ making them…lame I know. But I found a recipe that sounded really intriguing–Cream Cheese Broccoli Chicken. I mean this sounds awesome right? Cream Cheese–love it. Broccoli–yes please. Chicken–always. win win win.

Plus its pretty easy to make. However, unlike my previous crockpot posts its not really a one pot wonder (meaning you throw everything in the pot and then got about you biz). You have to do a little stove work and add ingredients on a somewhat staggered timeline. But overall its simple and worth a little more effort.

You can find the recipe here.

I did make some alterations to the recipe that I’ll tell you about. First, I nixed the sherry and mushrooms…I don’t love mushrooms and I clearly don’t have sherry. Also, I used MUCH more broccoli and added garlic. I used close to 4 cups broccoli–fresh not frozen. I also used fat free cream cheese and used 12 oz instead of 8. I started by adding the chicken, about 2 Tbsp olive oil and the italian dressing mix to my crockpot set on high. I cooked it for about an hour. Then I added the sauteed onion with minced garlic and the soup. I cooked all that for about 3.5-4 more hours. Then I added the broccoli and cream cheese and cooked for about 45 more minutes. I also added about 3/4 box of whole wheat spaghetti as well. I cooked the pasta and added it at the very end.

It makes a TON of food. I ate it for dinner Sunday and then filled 8 tupperware containers. Its really filling and tasty. Changing the flavors up can only improve it I think–maybe use Zesty Italian or add a little heat with cayenne pepper.

Also I whipped up a batch of these guys while the crockpot was working its magic. A little stress baking hurts no one…especially when cupcakes are involved.

I’m getting ready to make a chocolate cake for a friends birthday coming up next week, so if anyone has any ideas/suggestions leave a comment or send me a message! I think I want to try something new so help me out!!


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