Being a Homemaker: Mason Jar Herb Garden

Ok, so at first glance this post doesn’t fit EXACTLY with the general flow of the Chronicles. But it basically does…just in a more tangential way…yup, I went to college and I can throw out words like tangential :P…I digress…

Focus, Kristine, focus. Anyways, I’m making this post because 1. I will be referencing it in the future and 2. I feel like a lot of you folks out there will be into it. I’m talking about herb gardens people.

When I was in the Peace Corps I started a garden. And after a few failed attempts, I had a pretty decent garden growing. I grew carrots, lettuce, basil, garlic chives, cucumbers, and tomatoes. It was something I came to really enjoy. Plus, it was great having a seemingly endless supply of lettuce and basil. I ended up making my own pesto sauce, as well as whipping up a homemade carrot cake with the carrots from my garden–it was awesome.

So flash forward to the present! I really wanted to start some kind of garden, but alas, my apartment is somewhat ill suited to such endeavors. I do however have smallish window ledges in my kitchen, so I figured I could start a small herb garden there. I decided to plant my herbs in mason jars…because lets face it–there is nothing classier or more trendy than a mason jar.

I chose these little guys. I decided to grow Basil, Lavender, and Oregano. I also planted chives but they chose not to grow…I’ll try again soon. I should tell you, I bought EVERYTHING at Target, so this is totally a doable thing for peeps on a budget like me.

I got a 4 pack of mason jars, a bag of planting dirt, and a few packs of seeds. I went home and planted them and added a ribbon to the tops to make them look prettier. After about a month this is what I have so far….

I’m really excited to start cooking with the herbs and create some cool lavender infusions…and then blog all about it lol. I encourage everyone to bust out their inner homemaker and plant a garden of your own!


2 thoughts on “Being a Homemaker: Mason Jar Herb Garden

  1. Those look awesome! Quick question though: how’s cleanup? I foresee those ribbons getting rather dusty after a while and it seems like it’d be a pain to clean them (I can’t tell what the fabric is, but it doesn’t look like it would be forgiving to dust). How are you still liking them/do you still have them? You’ve definitely inspired me! I hate recycling all those glass jars from salsa, relish, etc, because it seems like such a waste (yes I know they’re getting recycled, but I have a thing about not wanting to throw perfectly useful things out) so I think I’ll use some of those instead. Now I just need to get some dirt and seeds 🙂

    • Thanks!

      The ribbons were sort of an afterthought…they are strangely not too bad to dust (but dry dusting works a little better). These particular jars didn’t last very long for me because I made 3 avoidable mistakes.
      1. I put WAY too many seeds in each jar for the size jars I used. They plants started to crowd too much. So definitely keep that in mind when you start your jars!
      2. The window I put them in didn’t have great sun. This is particularly important for planting the basil. Try and put them in a place with lots of sun for them to drink in and they’ll flourish much better.
      3. I didn’t water consistently. You really have to water them everyday (sometimes 2 times if its particularly sunny/hot)…depending on what you plant. Taking 5 minutes to ask google what type of watering situation your plants need will help them to grow without being too much work for you.

      Keep me posted on how it all turns out!!

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