I Love to Craft: DIY Jewelry Rack

Okay…so I’ve made a decision. I LOVE crafting. I love crafting almost as much as I love cooking. And the post I made about the DIY project I did with my lady pals (check it out here) was really popular in the blogosphere, so I have decided to merge my loves and include my DIY/crafting projects on this blog. Additionally, I’m adding pages at the top to make it easier for you folks to find specific recipes and projects. There is a newly added DIY Projects page, and there will soon be a Recipes page!!

Moving on. I’ve been extra crafty lately acutally. And I’m SUPER excited to share my crafting with you. I went home for Memorial Day weekend and got my crafting on…

So there happened to be a yard sale at my old high school…and this girl LOVES a good yard sale. I made out like a bandit and came home with some great stuff. In particular, I picked up a cool looking old frame (haggled down to $7!). The minute I saw it I knew JUST what I would do with it…make an awesome jewelry rack. I had seen many ideas for it on Pinterest so I had some guidelines to run on.

The color was chipped in some spots…and was missing on one edge…so I picked up some gold spray paint from the craft store ($5). I only sprayed in some spots because I really liked the old-timey antique like look of the frame. I also picked up some hooks from the dollar store and more hooks and a rod from the hardware store (which I painted gold to match the frame).

With some help from my crafty mom, I put some circle hooks on the sides, two hooks about 2 inches from the bottom to hold the rod for my bracelets, and about 10 hooks along the bottom for necklaces.

Then I tied twine between the circle hooks so I can hang my dangley earrings. I have 3 rows for those guys. Then I added 2 rows of ribbon for my stud earrings. To finish it up, I attached hanging wire to the back so I could hang it on my wall.

I love the way it holds all my jewlery (clearly of have a bit). I also LOVE it when you can re-purpose things. This whole project only cost about $20. WORTH IT.

Happy Crafting! (SIDE NOTE: look for a post about about the necklace seen in the bottom left of the rack!)


2 thoughts on “I Love to Craft: DIY Jewelry Rack

  1. Kristine! This is awesome. My fave post so far. My jewelry “organization” method is currently a mess so I may just try what you tried 🙂

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