DIY Braided Bead Necklace

Memorial Day weekend was a weekend of crafting. I already shared my Jewelry Rack with you, so I thought I would share my other project too.

Beads are like SUPER trendy right now. And I absolutely love it. I borrowed a necklace from my friend C one night (really pretty coral colored braided bead necklace) and I fell in love with it. I looked on the interwebs and they’re kind of pricey…like $30-40. I knew I could totally make this myself for cheaper so I did (with the help of Pinterest of course).

I went to a local bead store and picked up some supplies. Beads, jump hooks, 24ish inches of chain, clasp, and these knot covering bead tips that are pretty essential. I used doubled up thread with the beads as well.

You can see some detailed instructions here.

It was a little challenging because my bead tips were a little small. But in the end I’m happy with the result…and it really didn’t take very long to put together…probably around and hour or so.

On a separate note, I thought I would share the other swag I scored at the yard sale I mentioned in the last crafting post.

I got 6 cocktail glasses, the AWESOME spice rack, cool vase for my wine corks, and this cute vintagey bag…all for the bargain price of $10!!! ($17 total with the frame from the jewelry rack).


One thought on “DIY Braided Bead Necklace

  1. KRISTINE!!! This post is so incredibly awesome and your risotto made me hungry… but HELLO how adorable is that necklace?!?!? I need to make one… in every color. And love the yard sale scores, you go girl!!!

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