The Case of the Cursed Zucchini Lasagna

There are some things that are simply not meant to be. One of those things was the Zucchini Lasagna I recently made. I found a recipe for the lasagna on Pinterest and was super excited to try it out…its essentially a regular lasagna except instead of noodles you uses sliced zucchini. Yummy right?!

So rather than use store bought sauce, I whipped up some spaghetti sauce in my crockpot the night before I planned on making the lasagna. It totally worked out great. So far operation lasagna was on track.

The problems came the next day. I was planning on assembling the lasagna after work on Thursday, after which I would eat it for dinner and pack it for lunches to stick in my freezer and eat later in the week. Here comes obstacle number one. I get stuck at work until 8:15 pm. Gross. I didn’t get home until around 9 pm…and I was full to bursting with feelings of frustration about the kink work put into my carefully thought out baking plan. I decided to bake the lasagna anyways. Mistake number 1. I was much to frustrated and rushed to attempt this..even though its a pretty straight forward recipe. I rushed through it (I may have also been drinking a bottle of wine too…hey I was at work until 8:15..I deserved it) and did a real bad job. I did an awful job slicing the zucchini, and I skipped pre-cooking it so the zucchini ended up crunchy.

Overall it was wasn’t a total failure…it was just not the way I wanted it to end up. I still brought it for lunch the next day and enjoyed the pasta sauce I had made in Crocket.

See I know what you’re thinking…things didn’t go perfectly, but ‘cursed’? Let’s flash forward to Saturday. I had dished out some of this lasagna for myself and a friend for lunch. We ate it, but on my friend’s attempt at seconds…CRASH BANG. 3/4 of a Zucchini Lasagna are splattered on my kitchen floor. SIGH. The universe clearly did NOT want me to have this lasagna. And when you look at the situation on the whole you can see that it really was cursed.

Maybe next time it will go more smoothly.


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