Gettin’ Crafty: Fall Edition

Fall is OFFICIALLY here folks. And I couldn’t be more pumped about it! Fall is my favorite season. 1. The weather is ideal (layers are my jam, bring on the cardigans!) 2. Pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING…I think I’ve drank a pumpkin spice latte everyday for a month 3. beautiful foliage 4. Fall crafts and treats! 5. Halloween themed life (hello Hocus Pocus!).

So my pals and I have been really getting into the spirit of fall these days. We’ve been planning fun festive activities (going to a haunted corn maze tomorrow!) and spending time hunting for costumes, etc.

The other night we had a quiet Friday night-in so we could decorate some pumpkins! So fun. I encourage all of you to check out Pinterest for some awesome pumpkin decorating/ holiday decorating ideas!

While we were busy gettin’ our holiday craft on, we also had some tasty seasonal treats!

We toasted up the pumpkin seeds from J’s pumpkin (coated with olive oil, salt, and garlic salt and baked at 350 for about 20 mins) and drank some yummy pumpkin cider (Woodchuck Pumpkin Cider) with cinnamon sugar rimmed glasses!




And when I saw this guy at the Boston Common Coffee Company I just HAD to get it! So adorable…also delicious!

Happy Fall!



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