Happy Thanksgiving!

So I LOVE Thanksgiving. Fact. Its one of the greatest holidays we have. I mean think about it…We get the day off. You get to spend some quality time with family and/or friends and the main objective is to EAT. Its basically the greatest meal you’re gonna eat all year. And its awesome. 

One of the best parts of all this holiday feasting is the fact that there are LEFTOVERS. No other meal inspires the greatest leftover meals than Thanksgiving. 

Seriously….just take a peek at this guy.


Who wouldn’t forward to this guy? This guy has everything you need. Mayo, Turkey (white meat only because I’m particular), stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. BOOM.

Now some people try to leave out the cranberry sauce…this a mistake. It ties the whole thing together and is what differentiates it from your daily run-of-mill turkey sandwiches. 

Anyways…I hope you all had a stellar Thanksgiving! and that you are currently in the process of stuffing your face with a leftover sandwich of your very own!!


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