And I’m Back! with new treats and everything

So it’s been about a month since my last post. Sorry about that folks…that was lame of me. I had a bit of a hectic month in February. But fear not…I’m back. And I have sooooo much to tell you!

First off….the winter has been so blah. Not so much blah as in boring (which is also true) but more like BLAH why-is-it-still-winter-I-forget-what-warmth-feels-like. I was EXTRA feeling it in early February….so my best gal and I decided to take a super spontaneous weekend trip to Cancun Mexico. Long story short…it was AMAZING and totally worth it. As it happens, we timed it PERFECTLY so we were lounging in the sun doing some restful day-drinking while back home they were getting blasted by the biggest snowstorm we’ve had in like 50 years. So win-win.



Livin' the Life

Livin’ the Life

But I won’t rub my awesome vaca in your face. Moving on.

February also contains some other landmark occasions: Valentine’s Day and MY BIRTHDAY (which, as it happens, is the day before Valentine’s lol).

I won’t bore you with tails of my Birthday…it was a bit of a mess this year. But my Valentine’s Day was pretty rad. To start I got a beautiful bouquet of tulips from the BF with a adorable teddy bear and box o’chocolates (that came with a picture guide so you don’t accidently bite into that nasty raspberry that is ALWAYS there waiting for you to mistake it for a caramel).

Valentine's Day Surprise for Me :)

Valentine’s Day Surprise for Me 🙂

So I wanted a fairly low-key Valentine’s Day, so the BF and I decided to just make dinner and hang out. So we decided to make a steak dinner. BOOM. Cause that’s what winners do. (ALSO this presented the PERFECT opportunity for me to finally buy a cast iron skillet…thanks Amazon!).

Cast Iron Beast...LOVE IT

Cast Iron Beast…LOVE IT

So the steak was actually SUPER SUPER Easy…You start by heating the skillet in the over set to 500 degrees. While that guy is heating up, you can coat your steak with a little oil and season it up with salt and pepper (or any other spices you’re in the mood for). When the pan is ready (probs like 10 mins later) then immediately move it to your stove top set on high. Place the steak in the pan and let sear for about 30 seconds. Then flip that guy over (tongs work best for this, but I’m certain you can improvise…I certainly did) and sear for another 30 seconds on the other side.

To finish it up, pop the WHOLE PAN back into the oven for 3 mins….flip it over…3 mins. Then BOOM you’re done! You’ve successfully cooked yourself a nice steak (cooked medium).  Stupid easy right?

Look at this guy...

Look at this guy…

So nice and pink!

So nice and pink!

You can adjust the time in the oven to suit how you like your steak…less time for more rare…more time for less pink. The cast iron allows you to get that yummy searing outside and allow it to cook inside as well. NOM NOM.

Steak, Corn, Mashed Potatoes, and Champagne. Feast of Champions.

Steak, Corn, Mashed Potatoes, and Champagne. Feast of Champions.

I whipped us up some mashed potatoes and opened up a can of corn to go with the steak. We popped some bubbly and had a tasty feast.



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