Sunday Funday: Cocktail Edition

Summer is almost over…sigh.

And with the warm weather coming to a close I thought I’d share a fun summer cocktail with you. (Sidenote: this can be made with or without booze)…but when given the option you know I’m bustin’ open the liquor cabinet.

I went to the grocery store this afternoon and strawberries with buy 1 get 1 free…so obviously I got them. I’ve been craving some lemonade recently and decided I could whip something up. I also have a bunch of basil growing in my window garden so I figured I would try my hand at strawberry basil lemonade. I googled it first and found that most recipes required you to make a simple syrup first…pass. Too much work for this kid. Instead I used my roomie’s infuser pitcher and my drink the lazy kid way.

I used a few single serving lemonade packets (3.5 to be accurate) and probably a cup of strawberries and a handful of basil. I let it all marinate for a few hours and then served it over ice with a nice serving of vodka.

Mmmm….tastes like summer.







Update: I wrote this post last night on my phone (again with the laziness) so I couldn’t add any links.

I made some super tasty lemonade last year as well, check it out here!