Out with the old, In with the new

2013 is over. I’m pretty thrilled about it. To be honest, 2013 kind of sucked.

This pretty accurately describes how I felt about the end of 2013…

There WERE some good times, don’t get me wrong, but in general the year just bummed me out. Last year I posted about how much I kicked 2012’s ass, but since 2013 kicked MY ass a bit, I decided to pro/con list it instead.


  • I went to CA to see my good friend marry the man of her dreams and reunite with friends I haven’t seen in a while
  • I quit a job I HATED and started one I like much better
  • I took some trips with my lady pals: to Mexico and Colorado
  • I tried some new things: kayaking in the Charles, the Blacklight 5K, finally saw a Taylor Swift show, went fishin’, attended 2 yoga classes (I sucked and did not like it sadly), made some progress with my fear of dogs by befriending 2 of them, took a cake decorating class, went to Walden Pond

    Here's some photos of the new stuff

    Here’s some photos of the new stuff

  • I got a bit closer with my sister–but then she moved across the world to the Dhabs for 2 years…counted as a Pro because, having travelled and lived abroad so much myself, I am genuinely happy for her and all the super cool stuff she gets to experience…even though it makes me insanely jealous

Cons–because cons suck I’m adding a Silver Lining to each one so I can (and you can) see them in a more positive light

  • I stopped exercising regularly and going to the gym—silver lining: I’ve started back up and at this very moment my whole body is sore from the gym 2 days ago.
  • I had to reenter the dating pool…which is the WORST—silver lining: I ended a relationship that made me really unhappy and ended up finding someone really cool
  • Someone I considered a very close friend ended our almost decade long friendship—silver lining: other friendships were strengthened this year and I’ve learned (through Facebook actually) that I’m not the only person who has gone through this, which made me feel better
  • I’ve had what feels like unending roommate drama—silver lining: still working on it
  • I stopped blogging consistently—silver lining: I was never super “consistent” but this blog does make me happy so I’m recommitting myself to more regular posts!

Welp…got that out of my system. Time to MOVE ON.

I have a big backlog of posts that need to be made stretching back to before Thanksgiving…but I WILL post them all…even though some are a bit “out of season.” I’m also really excited because I got a bunch of new kitchen appliances over the holidays and I can’t wait to share them with you…get ready because SPOILER ALERT this girl bought herself a Ninja.

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksigiving/Christmas/New Year. I fully intend to make 2014 a success.

Thanks for following! More food posts to follow soon!


One thought on “Out with the old, In with the new

  1. I have a Ninja!! I can’t WAIT to see what you do with it. I am totally just starting to explore the very basics. A note for 2014: I can’t wait to see you!!! You better be ready to show Scottie and I some local Boston spots!!!!

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