Hi! Welcome to Crockpot Chronicles!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Kristine. I’m a 20-something young professional living in Boston. I’ve recently developed a slight obsession with crockpots…which soon spread to all things kitchen related. I started this blog as sort of a “safe space” to embrace the obsession. I’m no food expert, this blog is a chronicle of my adventures in the kitchen. I’ll be trying new recipes, experimenting with different foods and appliances, and sharing my tales of kitchen glory with you all!

I feel pretty strongly about the necessity of knowing how to navigate a kitchen. I’m not talking about boiling water and frying an egg (key skills don’t get me wrong), but finding recipes and appliances to make great meals.

Here are some of the basic criteria I use when I pick recipes:

1. What’s the price? I’m a young professional, not a millionaire. If I can’t buy the ingredients at the local grocery store, than I’m probs not making it.

2. Is it healthy? It’s really easy to slip into super bad eating habits. I look for recipes that are on the healthier side, and if they’re not I substitute healthier alternatives into the mix.

3. Is it doable? I don’t have a culinary degree…or tons of time. I look for recipes that they average person can make no problem. If it takes 6 hours of prep time I’m probs gonna choose something else.

Feel free to send me your comments about what you think, ideas you might have, or to share your own tales of kitchen glory!

-The Crockpot Chronicles




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