Sometimes I Craft…

Ok…so this is another one of those ‘not-cooking-related-but-still-relevant-in-that-it-involves-kitchen-related-stuff’ posts. I found this really cool DIY project on Pinterest one day so my girl friends and I decided to give it a try last Friday. And who doesn’t love a good DYI project? The pin showed you how you can marble glasses (check it out here). It seemed like a totally doable thing. I decided to use wine glasses instead of the shot/cordial glasses they used.

This post is mostly a visual step by step…but let me tell before you attempt this at home. It is most definitely NOT as easy as the Pinterest pin makes it seem! It was actually super hard lol.

Tape up whatever you are marbling. Put the tape wherever you want the color to stop.

This is where Pinterest lied…drip is NOT what you POUR that biz. No joke. You have to like dump the polish in to make it work.

This part gets REAL tricky…move LIGHTENING FAST and swirl the colors with a toothpick or other device. I’m serious about the fast part guys. The polish will harden after like 5 seconds.

Again with the quickness dip your glassware into the color for like 2 seconds and slowly pull it out.

Now you may have to re-dip/do over. Use nail polish remover to remove the polish first.

I re-dipped the one on the left and you can see that there is a lot of white…I only looked at the bottom (which looks awesome) and didn’t think about the angle most people would see.

Ultimately worth the effort because it looks cool. The bottom isn’t totally flat so the color only stayed on the rim, but I like it anyways.

Happy Crafting! I WILL be posting food related biz again…and SOON!