Let’s Talk About Cookout Food!

Its summertime folks. The ideal time for cookouts. So I thought I’d take a moment to talk about some yummy cookout type foods I’ve been fixing up lately.

I recently purchased a Slice-o-Matic…I know you’re all jealous. I’ve wanted one for a while. Check out this wondrous kitchen tool here. Anyways, I also had some cucumbers, so I decided it was PICKLE TIME. Yup, that’s right…I made pickles.

Check out the Slice-O-Matic in action! woohoo!


It sliced’em up just right.


2 cucumbers worth of pickle slices.


In a saucepan: add a vinegar and water (I used a 1 to 2 part ratio of vinegar to water). I also added lots of garlic and some spices. I added about 1 Tbsp of sugar as well. You basically make them to your own preferences. Once its boiling pour it over the cucumber slices in the jars. Close the jars and then stick’em in the fridge. After about a day they’re perfect for eating!

I brought some of my lady pals home for a beach day last weekend and had the perfect opportunity to test out my pickles.

Another classic cookout treat is Macaroni Salad. Now I’ll tell you straight off that this is not my recipe. Its the killer recipe from my Auntie Merri. Its a total crowd pleaser and super easy to make. Below are the ingredients:


Cook up the pasta. Add the jar of mayo and the jar of relish (seriously get this exact one…its so good!). And add whatever spices you like…I added salt and pepper, garlic flakes, and a bit of cayenne pepper for a kick.


Mix it all up and you’re done. BOOM.


It makes the perfect side for all your cookout treats!