DIY Picture Candle Holders

So for some reason I’ve been sitting on this post for MONTHS. I’m not certain why I haven’t gotten around to putting the whole experience into words…that I would then share with all of you.

I saw this project on a few different blogs and thought it would be cool to try out. But the specific site I used is here. It happened to coincide with my friend’s wedding so I thought I would include it as part of her wedding present. Like a true creeper I stalked her Facebook photos for engagement pictures that I could transfer onto these cool glasses/candle holders that I grabbed from the dollar store.

I did this project a second time as a Father’s Day gift for my dad. I’m just going to include pictures from both to illustrate how it came out.

You start by gathering your materials. You need a printout (from an laser printer, inkjet won’t work!) of the photo you want to transfer, A candle holder/glass you want to transfer to, scissors, and clear contact paper.


You want to cut out the picture/s you want and put it picture side down onto the contact paper. Then cut the contact paper so it matches the picture. Take a Popsicle stick or credit card and rub the image. You want to tranfer the ink onto the contact paper. So rub firmly to get sharp detail and a solid transfer.


Then you want to soak the image for at least 7 mins in warm water. Be careful because the picture will roll, just make sure its under the water. Next comes the hard part. You have to slowly and carefully rub the paper off of the contact paper. Use your thumbs and rub the paper off. This part is tricky because you don’t want to rub too hard because you’ll rub the ink off. Get off all the paper (hold it up to the light to see areas that still have paper remnants on it. You can hold it under the warm water to help get some trouble spots out.

Then you want to let it dry. Once its dry/as its drying you’ll see any paper still remaining. You can re-wet the area and rub the paper off. Once its dry the tackiness will return and you can attach it to you’re candle holder.


You can see from the pictures that my transfers weren’t perfect. I had a hard time getting the paper off the contact paper. But in general I was happy with the way they came out.